Mon amour EN


She was flying above the ground, across the clouds, miles and miles far from soil. All the lights were off, not even a sound, not a rustling, everything around her was dark. She was alone ,completely alone, but can we say that we are alone when we are with ourselves? 
Finally she was doing the trip that she dreamt since she was eighteen. Inside her bag there was a secret pocket, she streched out her hand and opened it, a little notebook was inside . She took and opened it. She smiled reading the first page “29.11.2013,  at the Jay of the future “.
Jay stroked the rough page and began to read...“ Dear Jay, how are you? How old are you? As you know, now I'm nineteen and if everything is exactly how I imagine you should have about twentyeight years old. How is your life? Is it how you imagined? Did you do everything to realize your dream, to gain your goal? If the answer is yes, you are winning the most difficult fight ever, the fight for the life, your life. “- Jay nodded to herself smiling again and continued to read  “ ...Where are you? If everything is how it should be you should be on a plane to go abroad, I don't know exactly where it depends on who you are now. And who are you? I bet that you've changed a lot, probably now you are thin, cool, rich, a model ( your biggest dream for your future , do you remember?) I also hope that you are still the girl that you used to be, kind, cute, generous, unselfish... I hope that you still have the same boyfriend, do you still believe in your  love? “ - Jay stopped reading, after the loss of their baby during the pregnancy they have divorced, it destroy them, evrything they had. She still remembered all the things they did together, all the promises, the hidden kisses, the forbidden games, all the secrets, all the love they had, everything disappeared. A tear fell... “ and your parents? Your brother? How are they? Do you still have a good relationship with them? I really hope that eventually you did the tattoo dedicated to your brother, I really really hope! Do you still consider them the best thing in your life? Oh, you should because they are!” - she was thinking at the tattoo she made for her brother 5 years before, now he is a succesfull man while her parents were living in a big house with a beautiful garden and they were enjoying their retirement, oh, her family, yes, they were still the best thing in her life.. “ and what about your dreams? What is your job? What do you do in your life now? “ - Jay was teacher, she taught English to foreigner children.  “ Oh Jay, I'm sure that everything is ok now, and if is not in this way I'm sure that you did everything to make your life beautiful, to make all people you know happy. Jay, have you kept all the promises you made at yourself? Did you do the best that you can? You know who you are darling, but do you still remember who were you? I want to say just one thing: life is beautiful exactly how it is, it doesn't have to scared you, you have to win every battle. Life is too short to have regrets, you have to do everything you want when you want. Don't let people judge you, destroy you. If you are in the World is because you are strong enough and you can't say – I'm afraid, oh I'm scared, oh, I can't do it “ no, you can do everything you have to do everything, please, promise me that you will do the best that you can. If you are doing the wrong thing, you are in time to change! If you are not death, everything is possible. I will love you forever. The Jay of the past “ - Jay closed the notebook and took her Iphone, just twenty minutes and the plane would arrive at the airport. The travel that would change her life.. She closed her eyes and started to think at the letter, at her life.. everything was how she had imagined when she was a teenager, she was amazed...After she got off the plane and go out the airport she took again her telephone “ 29.11.2022 -00.00 “  She looked around herself in the dark but bright night and she met his gaze, Jay started to run until his arms captured her. He whispered at her ear “ I can't wait to spend all my life with you, I can't believe, you are here mon amour

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